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About Us

Value Connect, a management consultancy based in Dubai was established to foster opportunities and growth prospects and encourage business partnerships between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Africa on platforms that include EXPO 2020. Value Connect is a renowned business outfit that focuses on the advancement of our clients’ needs and objectives. Clients include organizations in the service industry, tourism, manufacturing, real estate and Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, government and non-governmental organizations. Being a privately held company, Value Connect is flexible and ready to meet individual client objectives and offer competitive professional experience and integrity that a industry norms. “are over and above industry norms. ”Value addition” is key to our service delivery and “If we cannot add value to your business, then we have no business in your business.” More importantly we commit to creating sustainable linkages.


Brief History of Our Company


Value Connect was first mooted as an informal idea back in 2013, after the founder found herself living in a foreign country after her family moved there. Given her vast knowledge and experience spanning over 20 years working in senior leadership positions, and a proven track record: the founder discovered that she was connecting people to each other effortlessly. She began connecting business people from her country of origin to the foreign country she was living in. Shortly after this was followed by project assignment on business development and market linkages.


In 2016, Value Connect was formally registered as a company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and continued to excel in the business linkages and hosting of Trade missions and business forums.


In 2017, Value Connect partnered with Grow.Me to venture into enterprise training – Women-able. This became a key pillar to strengthening the Business development and trade missions because some of the SMEs looking for opportunities did not know where to start.


In 2018, Value Connect expanded by opening offices in Nairobi Kenya so as to be closer to its client base. The founder of Value Connect also found that through speaking engagements that a lot of lives were positively impacted and inspired. Value Connect will continue to add value as it connects people and their businesses. If we cannot add value, then we have no business in your business.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Mercy Achola
Mercy Achola, founder of Value Connect, is an intelligent, experienced international businesswoman who is keenly aware of what works well for others and is focused on delivering results for the people she works with.

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